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Bassoon Practice Excerpts

The following excerpts have been arranged
for three bassoons and are sold as a collection:

-Beethoven: Symphony Nr. 9
-Brahms: Violin Concerto
-Donizetti: l'Elisir d'amore
-Mendelssohn: Scherzo / Midsummer Night's Dream
-Mozart: Marriage of Figaro / Overture
-Ravel: Bolero
-Tchaikovsky: Symphony Nr. 4
-Tchaikovsky: Symphony Nr. 6

Knowing what is happening in the orchestra during important excerpts is key to building a proper interpretation. These trios allow the student to hear what is happening without the need of an entire orchestra. One bassoon plays the excerpt, while the other two play the orchestral parts.

This is a test volume for those who are interested in the "Excerpts in Context" but are on the fence. For $8 you can order this volume from TrevCo Music Publishing to test the concept before going all-in on the larger book.

The excerpts in this volume are also included in the "Excerpts in Context" book, so there is no need to purchase both if you are already purchasing the larger volume.

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