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The Jungle

Originally composed by Dominik Schulz (winds/front ensemble) and Eli Case (battery/sound effects) for Central Bucks High School South, “The Jungle” takes place in five movements over the course of a day in New York City.


The music starts at sunrise, then quickly leads the audience through the Hustle and Bustle of the morning commute with a trash can feature for the drumline.  A beautiful arrangement of New York State of Mind by Billy Joel provides a brief rest period. Rush Hour (John Mackey's Asphalt Cocktail) hits hard and features a challenging drum book. As sunset approaches, the city that never sleeps barely slows down and prepares for a new dawn. You are sure to fall in love with this show and the city it is based on with this exciting production. Take note that this show features 2 Trumpet soloists.

This show will require some copyright permissions to be secured before a license will be sold. If not in the USA, copyrights could take many months to be approved, so please plan accordingly.

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